Action Cooling & Heating Inc Provides Tips on How to Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

While Florida is known for its comfortable and temperate winter season, its lows during winter nights could certainly warrant use of heating. Because a majority of the time Florida homeowners do not need to use their heating systems most of the time, the possibility of it seeing use brings to light the simple fact that many people in warmer clients do not know the proper protocols for dealing with furnaces and heating units. Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers Florida branch knows that proper heating maintenance is not necessarily everyday knowledge for those in typically warm climates and provides a few tips on how to prepare your furnace for the winter season should you need to use it.

Replace Furnace Filter: Many issues with heating could be related to your furnace’s filter as a lot of homeowners do not change their filters as regularly as usually required for a working furnace. Replacing a filter is possibly the simplest maintenance task to ensure that your furnace can operate properly and should be one of your first courses of action if your furnace does not seem to be working as you’d like. Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers Florida location encourages homeowners to inspect their filter every month and replace every 30 to 90 days.

Clear Area Near Furnace: Items that may have been stored close to the furnace during the seasons it did not see use must be moved for safety reasons. This means that anything too close to your furnace or on top of it should find a proper storage place to prevent obstruction. Vacuuming to remove dirt around the unit to ensure that vents are not obstructed is also a worthwhile idea during this stage as is making sure that each of your house’s vents are free of obstruction.

Schedule Maintenance Appointment if Possible: Proper maintenance checks could save your minor unit issues from developing into costly repair endeavors if they are caught in time. If you foresee that your area may need heating during the winter season, Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers Florida branch notes that a quick maintenance check of your unit will ensure that it will work when, or if, you need it.

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