A Credible Company Starts With a Top-Notch Team

action cooling and heating fort myers

When hiring maintenance professionals for your home, it is stressful enough to think about the cost and the reliability and reputation of the company.  Without a company with a dependable staff, your home’s heating and cooling will not be maintained sufficiently.  Breathe a sigh of relief when working with Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers Florida, because our entire team is dedicated towards providing top-notch customer service and experience.  An efficient team delivering high-quality service starts with high-quality leadership.  Our General Manager, Mark, sets an amazing example for work ethic, motivation and cooperation.  He holds high expectations for our employees, and they work hard to live up to them.  Mark holds regular meetings with the team and is always seeking to improve and pay attention to detail and customer needs.

The search for a company to work with is heavily influenced by marketing, and our team has professionals focused entirely on customer outreach and developing our brand at Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers Florida.  Our Director of Marketing, Nick, and Marketing Manager, Jamie, pay close attention to the needs of customers when it comes to heating and air conditioning services. We stay in touch and foster relationships with our clients, are involved in the community and strive to obtain and work off of customer feedback.  Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers Florida revolves around the customer and care of his or her home, and our marketing team works tirelessly on this service.

What is the main role of Action Cooling and Heating besides excellent customer interactions?  We provide a service for your home, and this could not be as successful without our Service and Production specialist, Omar.  Omar manages our day-to-day functioning, schedule and tasks smoothly and efficiently, so our work on your property will not be lost in the shuffle.  Keeping services organized means we can have employees at your home on or ahead of time and doing their jobs properly.  Colleen, of the HR and Payroll department, also helps to coordinate between our team and clients, making sure that we are sending personnel to your home that is professional and looking forward to the day ahead as part of the Action Cooling and Heating team.

It is crucial that there are no holes in paperwork or receipts, and Sarah in the Accounting and Bookkeeping department ensures that every service and dollar are accounted for, so you do not need to question what you are paying for.  We take pride in our team and have no doubt that Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers Florida will deliver the service you are looking for in your home.

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