Action Cooling & Heating Helps You Find the Sweet Spot of Home Comfort in the Spring

action cooling and heating fort myersIt’s that time of year again. Some days the weather is cool and other days the weather is hot. Sometimes we experience both in the same day. We might leave the house wearing a sweater, but by mid down, we’re down to our tank tops and t-shirts. During the spring and fall-commonly known as the transitory seasons- inconsistent temperatures can create uncertainty in how to dress for the day. Additionally, it can also make keeping your home comfortable a little difficult. Action Cooling & Heating of Fort Meyers, has a few tips to help you find the perfect sweet spot.

The first step that Action Cooling & Heating of Fort Meyers suggests is to set your programmable thermostat to adjust to the changing conditions of your home. Programmable thermostats are great for detecting how many people are home and the ideal level of comfort is for everyone inside the home. You don’t want to run your air conditioner 24/7, especially when no one is home. Instead, program your thermostat to your ideal settings and it will do the hard work for you.

The second step you can take to keeping your home comfortable in the spring is to clean out your HVAC system. A properly maintained HVAC works much more efficiently than an older, poorly maintained unit. You want to have your HVAC unit inspected at the beginning of the season to make sure all parts are in working order. This guarantees that no air is escaping through your ducts or an unhealthy accumulation of dust is not settling in your vents.

Action Cooling & Heating of Fort Meyers’ third tip for keeping your home cool during the transitional time is to make the best use of your ventilation system. If you love taking hot, steamy showers- which most people do- then that can drastically affect the humidity of your home. This is turn makes the air thicker and your home feels hotter than it normally would. The same is true for cooking in the kitchen. In the south, we love frying foods, but that can create a lot of heat within the home. Keep your home ventilated, either by opening windows or by using the vents in your bathroom and kitchen. This helps to air out the home and prevent mildew and mold from growing as well.

Don’t let the inconsistent temperatures of spring get the best of you. With these tips from Action Cooling & Heating of Fort Meyers, you’ll be able to stay comfortable with no matter what spring throws at you.

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