How To Manage Your HVAC System While On Vacation

You’ve been planning your summer vacation for months and you can’t wait. Your bags are packed, your itinerary is planned, and you can’t wait to hit the road and go. You’ve checked all the items off of your pre-vacation checklist: hire a pet sitter, find a trusted neighbor to check your mail, etc. However, the technicians at Action Cooling & Heating of Fort Meyers, Florida can guarantee you forgot one thing, your HVAC.

Just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean your HVAC is too. The last thing you want to do is turn your HVAC unit off. Especially living in southwest Florida, turning off you HVAC unit will invite conditions for mold to grow and bugs to make their homes. There are certain settings and preventative maintenance that you should take care of before you head out the door. Whether you’re gone for a day or a week, you should consider these HVAC vacation tips.

While you’re away, your HVAC unit will still be running. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your air filters are clean. Your air filter is important in capturing dust and filtering any pollutants from your system before the air is released. The dirtier your air filter, the harder your HVAC has to perform. Cleaning your air filter will not only guarantee that your home’s air will be clean when you get home, but will help prevent system malfunctions while you’re away.

Coming home to a nice, cold house may be ideal returning from a vacation. However, with no one home, you are essentially wasting money. Before you leave, raise the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. Believe it or not, an ideal temperature to set your thermostat to while you are away is between 78 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This can help you essentially save money in the long run.

One final measure that many overlook is the installation of a surge protector. It’s possible that while you are away, you could lose power, this causing your HVAC unit to shut down or malfunction. Installing a surge protector before you leave can help prevent any damage that may come from power outages or surges while you’re away.

For any and all maintenance service requests or questions on your HVAC unit throughout the Fort Meyers, Florida area, be sure to contact Action Cooling & Heating, today.

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