Action Cooling & Heating Offers Tips on How to Choose the Right HVAC System for New Construction

Action Cooling and Heating Fort MyersSo, you’re building the home of your dreams? That’s exciting! Having a home that is 100% yours, from design to the very last detail, is something everyone wants, but few actually achieve. Building a new home from start to finish takes a lot of planning. The layout, the design, the materials, everything needs to be just right. This even includes the HVAC system.

As a homeowner, you might not give much thought to the HVAC system, thinking that this responsibility is purely for the contractor. At Action Cooling & Heating in Fort Meyers, Florida; however, we believe that educating yourself on the different HVAC requirements and systems available can go a long way with helping you to learn more about how your house works.

When building a new home, here are a few recommendations from Action Cooling & Heating in Fort Meyers that you should keep in mind.

Where you choose to place your HVAC unit depends a lot on the design layout of the home. However, the design layout of your home should incorporate a spot for the HVAC system to comfortably fit and operate. HVACs play a vital role in the ventilation, cooling, and heating of your home. In fact, that’s their main job. In order to do this efficiently, you want your HVAC in a cool, but optimal location that isn’t an eyesore; inconvenient to reach for repairs, but optimally supports your home.
The size of your HVAC unit is also extremely important. The last thing you want to do is choose a unit that is too big or too small for your home. Choosing a unit that is the incorrect size can cause higher monthly energy bills, poor airflow, inconsistent room temperatures, and many more issues, often expensive ones, which you won’t want to deal with. Choosing the right HVAC that is properly sized for the home is the best way to prevent these issues from occurring.

Additionally, since the house is being built from the ground up, that means you’ll be able to see how the ductwork is installed. Similar to how the HVAC unit needs to be the right size, so does the ductwork. If the ductwork for a home is incorrectly sized, this can also create a number of problems such as a decrease in energy efficiency but an increase in utility bills.

Watching your house be built from the ground up is great for homeowners who want to understand more about their homes. For more information on HVAC services and help with choosing the right HVAC, be sure to contact Action Cooling & Heating in Fort Meyers.

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