Action Cooling & Heating Fort Meyers Addresses the Connection between Dirty Ducts and Sicknesses

We’ve approached that time of year again where allergies and flu season are beginning to comingle. Allergies and the flu affect millions of people a year, often overlapping in the Venn diagram of seasonal illnesses. This is in large part to the number of germs and pollutants in the outside air. There are more than enough of these to last you a lifetime. The last thing you want is to have those same germs and pollutants infiltrate your home’s ductwork. According to Action Cooling & Heating Fort Meyers, this is a very real possibility. The leading contributor to this: dirty ductwork.

You rely on the proper installation and servicing of your ducts to keep your home’s air quality at optimal levels. However, several issues can arise from dirty ducts that can negatively affect the air quality of your home. If your ducts are not properly cleaned or sealed, the dirty ducts can contribute to the circulation of dust and air contaminants, exacerbate respiratory issues that are common with the flu and asthma, and even worsen your allergies. Dirty ducts do not create a safe or healthy environment for anyone.

Additionally, dirty ducts affect how well your HVAC unit operates. The contaminants from the HVAC unit can drastically slow down and interrupt the efficiency of your HVAC unit. The air contaminants reduce the ability for air to flow freely through the unit, causing an extra strain on the operating system. This in turn shortens the lifespan of your unit and affects the quality of air that you are breathing in. When your ducts aren’t working at maximum efficiency, your utility bills will take a negative hit. The added effort of your HVAC unit to function properly will create an increase in the amount of energy that the unit needs to use to operate. This translates into dollars and cents that you will have to end up paying in utility bills.

A dirty duct is no fun. Action Cooling & Heating Fort Meyers suggests that people take a good assessment of their ducts to determine if they need to be cleaned. There are a few easy ways to determine if your ductwork needs to be cleaned.

One way to determine if your ducts need to be clean is if mildew is present. Mold or mildew become present when there is an abundance of moisture present. The mold or mildew will typically become present on the air filter and on the supply register.

Another sign that your ducts need to be cleaned is the “sweat” or buildup of condensation. This is a breeding ground for mold and is a sign that the airflow is being restricted.

A last suggestion to look for is the buildup of dust on furniture. If you  notice that you constantly need to dust off furniture, it may be time to consider cleaning your ducts as there is an unnecessary amount of debris in your home.

Keeping your ducts maintained is important to the functionality of your HVAC unit and your overall health. For more information on HVAC maintenance or to enroll in one our maintenance plans, be sure to visit the Action Cooling & Heating, Fort Meyers’ website.

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